...gladdens the heart of man


A brief overview from ancient times until today could help us realize how important good wine is considered to human life. The ancient Greeks loved wine and served with passion the god Dionysus, a divinity smart, lively, erotic. The cult of Dionysus as the god of wine and wine making, has been the most popular in ancient Greece. The wine was a commodity, which is used in symposia - to thank God for the peace of mind that he generously handed them - up to decontaminate their wounds. Then oenological technology dramatically developed, mainly during the Roman times, when wine could be sealed and thus making it easier to move. The wine and the olive oil are blessed products we find in the Old and New Testament. 

In dia tafta we have always used two varieties of house wine, that our customers  have already loved and preferred. The white moschofilero Mantinia - Tselepos is a fresh wine that brings out the fine aromas of citrus and lemon blossom, making it an elegant wine for all tastes. For lovers of red wine, local Peloponnesian red wine agiorgitiko from Domaine Gofas gives us the aromas of spices and ripe fig highlighting the excellent quality of this excellent variety.

One of the new efforts of our restaurant is focused on wine. Our new  wine list with many different varieties is edited by sommelier Philipos Papadakis. A professional sommelier and wine consultant, editor of some well-known Athenian wine - bars wine lists. The knowledge of many different varieties of wines make him  a highly acclaimed sommelier in his field. In our restaurant, his help is important not only because he designed our new wine list but because he also ensures the proper maintenance of the wines.


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