A new band looks after your entertainment every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening from 8.30pm onwards. Morpho Tsaireli, George Petroudis and Georgios Makris play for all tastes as well as their favorite songs. They include Elafrolaika, folk, rebetika and other sounds. Tsaireli with her excellent voice will travel your mind to different musical paths. The amazing solist George Petroudis transforms the sound of the bouzouki and captivates even those who are accustomed to different sounds. Finally, Georgios Makris excellent companes this musical shape, since melodies of the guitar will charm you and his voice will relax you.

On Mondays and Tuesdays from 7.30pm onwards the wonderful Elli Michaelides and Costas Papagiannis wil amaze you. In a purely male-dominated world of the bouzouki, the exemption does Ellie Michaelides. Facing one woman on stage playing bouzouki for some people sounds strange, but Ellie Michaelides combines the perfect sound with breathtaking voice, creating only positive impressions. The guitar accompanies the Ikarian musician Costas Papayannis whose voice will relax you and his guitar will take you back in time.

Aκολουθήστε μας.

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