Dia Tafta

In the most beautiful and oldest neighborhood of Athens, Monastiraki, we created dia tafta in 1998. Where the memories of Old Athens are reborn and the mind travels in paths of a bygone era.

The warmth of wood and stone and the impressive mural depicting the pedestrian street of Ermou  of 1930 on our establishment will relax you at, this absolute consistency of the older with the modern.

While drinking your coffee you will have the opportunity to enjoy the people passing by at any time of the  year. Our menu includes exquisite and high quality dishes at affordable prices, which combined with the excellent service will meet all your needs. Our dishes from all over Greece accompanied by a glass of wine will help you enjoy the spectacular views, from the majestic Acropolis to the arcade of Attalos and Thissio. When you reach for the moment of dessert, dia tafta will cover all the different tastes and preferences.

We await you daily from 9.30 am until 1.30 at night. 

Why .. because what  is the "dia tafta (point)" of  life?

 A good coffee, a good snack, a good drink and a good company!

(Our store offers free wifi)


Aκολουθήστε μας.

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